My Platform


   I have proudly called Ward 4 my home for 10 years! I have knocked on the doors of thousands of my fellow residents and listened to their stories.

I am passionate and committed to fighting for accountability, transparency, and efficiency in our city council.

I want to work towards public safety, community building, improving our parking system, implementing better services for our seniors and investing more resources into our libraries and community centers.


As your councillor for Ward 4, we will work together for better change.



Meeting people and listening to their concerns


As your city councillor, I will make sure to knock on each single door at Ward 4, not only during election season, but at least two times a year. This will allow me to build a relationship with Ward 4 residents, listen to their stories, and solve all their issues and concerns while becoming a strong voice for the Ward!


Public Safety


On top of my list of priorities is the Ward’s safety and security, and I will do my best to ensure law enforcement has all the recourses necessary to prevent crimes. I will use my experience to make Ward 4, the heart of Mississauga the safest and most prosperous place to live for families and residents.


Community Building


The best way to build our community is by creating jobs, I understand it may take some time to create jobs and from my experience in the board of directors of many non-profit organizations for engineers, newcomers, and workshops, I will bring new creative ideas to grow our economy and to invest in people by creating job search groups with the help of professional community members and different workshop programs.42170214_535406793566127_2322105859930324992_n

Improving our parking system


I’ll support parking system improvement and will try to reduce the cost of parking spots especially for students and seniors, who should have access to free parking in libraries and community centers.


Implementing better services for our seniors


The city of Mississauga has already applied the Windrow Snow Clearing program for seniors (65 years or older) and people with physical disabilities living in Mississauga who would like assistance to clear space in their windrow. The participation is available to 300 residents (on a first come, first served basis), and the cost of the program is $200. Since Ward 4 is the heart of Mississauga, my goal is to increase the above-mentioned number from 300 to 500 residents for the next year and continue to increase this number annually to cover more residents and to reduce the cost of the program.

Investing more resources into our libraries and community centers


I believe that building a strong community and a wonderful city should start from the new generation. To make a positive impact we must invest in our community, and this begins with our children and youth. New technologies and computers should be introduced in libraries and community centers to help students and to prevent families from buying costly computers.


2 thoughts on “My Platform

  1. Nawras I wish you luck, and I’m quit sure you’ll gonna reach your goals if you win and you deserve to win ❤️❤️❤️


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